With all other events taking a back seat at the moment, KBK wants to convey the Friday evening feeling in a positive way just before a busy weekend. This crazy poster with Julien Vermote, who is finally back in the starting blocks, is the way for us as cycling fans to show just how up for it we are.

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We want to generate enthusiasm for the events coming up and at the same time emphasise that KBK is much more than a sporting contest. It is an experience and a weekend event in which we want everyone to get involved.

  • Sports fans who want to ride KBK themselves during KBK Cyclo on the Saturday
  • Young cycling fans who want to see riders at the team presentation
  • Die-hards who want to spot talent among the juniors
  • People who want to come and soak up the atmosphere with an aperitif
  • A KBK talk show on regional TV early in the morning
  • A tasty slice of KBK race cake during the live broadcast
  • Local spectacle on the finishing circuit

In other words: KBK provides a weekend of racing fun, both active and passive!

And with the extended route through the Pays-des-Collines, the riders had better be ready too! Get ready for KBK!

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